TravelXperts & CruiseXperts

Our consultants have many years experience in the travel and cruise industries and a wealth of industry knowledge - we assist both individuals and corporate companies with their holidays and incentive and conference group programmes (our clients include some of the world's leading corporate companies). Our site features our more popular destinations / cruise ships / hotels / resorts and villas from around the world. Cruise our web site to find some spectacular images and promotions.

Also included in this web site will be valuable information from some of our most respected "travel and cruise experts" from every part of the world - we will unfold their secrets and hidden treasures on their favourite hotels / resorts / cruises / restaurants and places to visit - in their respective countries for everyone to enjoy and experience when you next visit.  

Our industry will be going through enormous changes over the next few months and it is important, if not critical, that you understand and deal with respected and long standing agents who you trust.  Look for good service, demand it - it is what we have prided ourselves on and look forward to continuing to achieve these high standards - some of our loyal customers have been working with us for over 22 years.